Valuable thoughts from the Book of the Great Life

The garment of Love is not touched by age. The garment of Wisdom does not change. The garment of Truth cannot be lost.

The rising star expresses the beauty of the night. The rising sun expresses the glory of the day.

Love satisfies the soul. Wisdom satisfies the spirit. Truth gives meaning to all things.

Road without dust, Truth without doubt, and Life without suffering – that is Immortality.

Youth is the garment of Life. Light is the garment of Knowledge. Freedom is the garment of Health.

Life without virtue is like a garden without flowers – like a tree without fruit.

Do not wear that which does not satisfy you. Always be free and never be under a yoke.

There are three things which one should not avoid. Water which is running, Wind which is blowing, and Light which is shining.

Have fellowship with that which ages not – that is Love. Have fellowship with that which darkens not – that is Wisdom. Have fellowship with that which cannot be limited – that is Truth.

Remember, the origin of all things is the Spirit.

The beginning of the Spirit is Love,

The zenith of the Spirit is Wisdom,

The end of all things is Truth – that is Freedom.

The only end is where all contradictions cease, while the only beginning is where all things are in accordance.

World is that wherein all things manifest themselves. Search their origin and you will find God within. He’s called:

Mighty in them that are mighty; and Mighty in them that are weak. Immortal in them that are Immortal and Immortal in them that are mortal Loving in them that love; and Loving in them that have no love. He penetrates all. Where He is, Life is present. Where He is, Knowledge abideth. Where He is, Freedom reigned. He is the Great Safety of All.


From the lectures of the Teacher given at the Seven Lakes in the Rila Mountains – August 1932.



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